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Our Coffee

Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters of Speciality Coffee

Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters, SMCR, is dedicated to purchasing the highest quality organic specialty coffee beans available. At our Grass Valley, CA, location, we air roast the beans in small batches four times per week to ensure the freshest coffee possible to our customers.

After the process of air roasting each type of coffee bean, our different blends are then hand mixed in individual batches at the coffee house location. Using this method, the coffee beans retain their own individual characteristics in the blends, and this provides a more complex flavor profile. Additionally, customers can design their own blends, as we carry approximately 25 different coffee beans from around the world. All of our decaffeinated beans are Natural Water Processed.

     Coffee Types & Descriptions

Caffeinated Coffees

Light Roast:

Costa Rican: Bright and clean, well-balanced.

Guatemalan: Full-bodied, rich in flavor, high acidity, and fruity.Decaf image

Nicaraguan: Mild, nutty flavor, with undertones of chocolate.

Panama: Tasty as a varietal and superb in various blends; medium body and sweet.

Medium Roast:

Celebes/Sulawesi: Also know as Sulawesi; low acidity, full-bodied earthiness, like Sumatra.Decaf image

New Guinea: Medium body, wild, and bright.

Panama Red: Strong but sweet, bolder in taste than light roast Panama; pea berry version.

Mocha Harrar: Jammy and wild; great tasting Ethiopian coffee.Decaf image

Sumatra: Heavy body, syrupy, chocolaty aftertones, and earthy.

Yemen: Among the oldest and most highly praised coffee in the world; deep, earthy, complex, and pungent.Decaf image

Yirgacheffe: Ethiopian; soft with floral tones, and citrusy - good choice for iced coffee.Decaf image

Espresso: Unique blend of five different beans.

Medium/Dark Roast:

Brazilian: Soft, mild, nutty, low acidity with bittersweet chocolate taste.

Colombian: Well-balanced medium body, bright, and rich.

Java: Indonesian; smooth, and non-acidic.Decaf image

Kona: Clean, well-balanced medium body, and mellow coffee.Decaf image

Viennese: Blend of our House and Central American beans (two dark roasted beans and a light roast bean).

Dark Roast:

Kenyan: Bright and vibrant, winey with nice body.Decaf image

Mexican: Bright and sweet, medium body.

New Guinea Peaberry: Bright, vibrant, softer than Tanzanian Peaberry.

Peruvian: Grown high in the Andes; bright, effervescent snap, gentle sweetness, and nice medium body.

Tanzanian Peaberry: East African, and grown on the slopes of Kilimanjaro; bright and vibrant.

Uganda: Bold flavor; dark traditional African coffee.

House: Blend of three different beans roasted dark and blended after roasting.

Extra Dark Roast:

Costa Rican: Mellow soft in taste; bright and clean, well-balanced.

French: Blend of two beans dark roated, each roasted extra dark and blended after roasting.

Italian: Four beans roasted separately and blended after roasting.

Mexican: Bright and sweet, medium body.

Decaffeinated Coffees

Decaf Colombian: Bright dark roast, well-balanced strong flavor.

Decaf Sumatra: Deep medium/dark roast, earthy flavor.

Decaf Kenyan: Winey dark roast, bright.

Decaf French: Blend of Central American and Indonesian dark roast decaf.

Decaf Viennese: Blend of French and South American dark roast decaf.

Decaf Peruvian: Bright, sweet, good dark roast body.

Decaf Mexican: Medium body, light coffee.

Decaf Zocalo: Unique blend of Mexican and Central American decaf's, excellent smooth body and dark roast beans.

Coffees Available Seasonally Decaf image

A few of the beans listed in our inventory are only available seasonally, but we do our best to provide regional alternatives, should we be out of a bean that you like. We offer a range of light, medium, and dark roasted beans; each type of bean is roasted at a temperature that we feel best enhances the flavor characteristics of the coffee. As all of our coffees rotate out of the coffee house every two to three days, you are always assured of receiving freshly roasted beans for your drinking pleasure.

Our commitment is to provide excellent specialty coffees to retailers and wholesalers.

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You will taste and experience the difference!